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About Cervantes No. 5

Originally constituted as Friends of Order Lodge No. 5 on September 24, 1842, the Lodge consolidated with Silence Lodge No. 9 in 1883, thereby forming Cervantes Lodge No. 5. For that reason, Cervantes Lodge No. 5 is one of the oldest Hispanic organizations in the United States and the only Spanish-speaking Lodge in Louisiana. Throughout its rich history, many prominent Latin merchants, manufacturers, doctors, lawyers, and diplomats have been members of our Lodge. Today, the Lodge continues to promote the betterment of the Hispanic community and broader world through the practice of Masonic virtues. In addition, the Lodge keeps alive the rare and unique traditions of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, in which it works. 

Cervantes No. 5 Officers

Master: Armando Ortiz, Hon. P.M.
Senior Warden: Daniel J. Reyes Higuerey, P.M.
Junior Warden: Roger M. Molina
Secretary and Keeper of the Seals: H. Barlow Holley, P.M.

Treasurer: Brandon M. Smith, P.M.
Orator: Gustavo E. Cabrera
Master Expert: Javier Cortez Infantas
Master of Ceremonies: Roger M. Molina, Jr.
Senior Deacon: Diego R. Galindo Romero
Junior Deacon: José R. Labrador, P.M.

Hospitalier: Samuel S. Cannon, P.M.
Econome: Mariano E. Paniello
Inner Temple Guard: Miguel Á. Colina Vargas
Outer Temple Guard: Martin H. Short, Jr., P.M.

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